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LTO 5 Tapes

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  1. Maxell 22932300 LTO-5 Tape Cartridge

    Maxell 22932300 LTO-5 Tape Cartridge

    SKU: 22932300

    Maxell LTO 5 is next generation LTO Ultrium storage format with industry leading quality and dependability and it is compatible with Maxell and other brands of LTO Ultrium tape drives and Libraries with excellent source for protection and storage of important data. Maxell LTO5 is improved and offering very high performance and excellent durability for long term archive data. LTO 5 Ultrium WORM media cartridges offers perfect data protections from being overwritten or any sort of modification and offering reliable, accurate and most scalable data integrity solution. Maxell LTO-5 Ultrium tape further uses hardware based native AES 256-Bit encryption on LTO-4 and LTO-5 drives, to meet rigorous regulatory and observance requirements and better preservation of archival data. Maxell LTO5 tape enhanced with massive data storage capacity with 1.5 Terabytes native and 3.0 Terabytes with compressed, through excellent fast and secure data transfer speed of 140 MB/Sec and 280 MB/Sec with compressed data. Excellent coating technique makes the base film smoother and much even with increased data tracks 1280 and tape length with 846M.

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  2. Fujifilm 16008030 LTO-5 Tape Cartridge

    Fujifilm 16008030 LTO-5 Tape Cartridge

    SKU: 16008030
    Fuji Film NANOCUBIC technology has accomplished Fuji LTO 5 data storage tape to have the data storage capacity of (Native) 1.5 Terabytes (Compressed) 3.0 Terabytes through reliable fast data transfer speed of (Native) 140 MB/Sec (Compressed) 280 MB/Sec. FUJI LTO-5 Ultrium tape has improved by better base film quality with use of better, fine, smaller and thinner metal particles, increased with data tracks 1,280 with 846M tape length and 12.65mm Width. Fuji LTO 5 tape media enhanced Servo Technology on which LTO Ultrium depend seriously on Timing-Based, superior accurate servo control to attains its notable performance altitudes. Fuji LTO Ultrium 5 tape make use of Duel Servo Tracks that have been accurately written all along the whole length of every of its four data bands, for enormously well positions control and redundancy in the time of tape destruction. Fuji NONOCUBIC technology lessen the size of metal particles with more than 78% in compare with LTO 4 tape, along with Nano Dispersion technology with help of advanced Binder System, best reliable Nano coating technology to get smoother and uniform magnetic ultra fine layer tape surface perceive. Fuji LTO5 backup tape is included with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-Bit encryption which keeps the archival data through more protection and security. The hardware based AES encryption provides superior level of protection during storage and transferring of valuable information. Learn More
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  3. Sony TAIT1-40N Tape Cartridge-Compressed Capacity  104 GB

    Sony TAIT1-40N Tape Cartridge-Compressed Capacity 104 GB

    SKU: TAIT1-40N

    AIT Turbo tape of 40GB native and 104GB compressed for effective cost performance. Ideal for small business data back-up. - High storage capacity of 104GB compressed data (40GB native) in a small and compact 8mm cartridge - Fast data transfer using efficient Helical Scan technology, up to 6MB/sec sustained native transfer rate - Cost effective solutions while keeping reliable AIT characteristics - Proven reliability and durability with a 30 year media life thanks to AME technology (Advanced Metal Evaporated) - AIT Turbo Media can only be used with an AIT Turbo drive. Current AIT drives can't read nor write the new AIT TURBO media line-up (T-AIT) except AIT-3Ex drives. New AIT Turbo drives can read and write current AIT media line-up (AIT & T-AIT) - Cleaning Tape: SDX1-CL

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  4. HP C7975A LTO Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge

    HP C7975A LTO Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge

    SKU: C7975A

    Exhaustively tested, HPE LTO Ultrium cartridges meet all your demands for maximum reliability when restoring data, offering high storage density, ease of management and scalable storage and backup performance. Covering seven generations of capacity - LTO-1 (200 GB), LTO-2 (400 GB), LTO-3 (800 GB), LTO-4 (1.6 TB), LTO-5 (3 TB), LTO-6 (6.25 TB), LTO-7 (15 TB) – and with transfer speeds of up to 2.5 TB/hr for LTO-7, there is a platform for every need and budget. From LTO-3 onwards, LTO Ultrium WORM cartridges enable the creation of compliant, permanent and tamperproof archives. From LTO-4 onwards, secure AES-256 encryption provides even higher levels of data security and compliance with the most stringent industry regulations to prevent unauthorized data access.

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  5. HP DDS/DAT cleaning cartridge II-DAT-160-orange-cleaning cartridge

    HP DDS/DAT cleaning cartridge II-DAT-160-orange-cleaning cartridge

    SKU: C8015A

    With an installed base of more than 19 million drives and 6 million users, DDS/DAT is easily the world’s most popular tape storage format. The latest generation of this simple and successful format is delivered by the HP DAT 320 tape storage solution, providing a 12 MB/sec transfer rate and up to 320 GB capacity on a single cartridge. New manufacturing and recording technologies have created a tough, lightweight, high capacity, high performance media that more than measures up to the uncompromising storage demands of today’s dynamic, risk-aware businesses. DDS/DAT provides a reliable, low-cost, easy-to-use backup solution for small to medium-sized businesses to meet increasing storage demands and compliance criteria. A Storage Media Kit is also available, providing a complete tape media solution in one easy to buy product.

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  6. Fujifilm LTO Ultrium G5 1.5 TB 1.27 cm

    Fujifilm LTO Ultrium G5 1.5 TB 1.27 cm

    SKU: P10DDLTA00A

    Fujifilm’s new LTO Ultrium™ G5 data cartridge has a capacity of 3.0 TB (at 2.1 compression, 1.5 TB native) This has been achieved using Fujifilm’s improved proprietary NANOCUBIC™ technology, recording 1,280 data tracks within a 12.65mm tape width. With the utilisation of multi-channel recording technology, the LTO G5 data cartridge features transfer rates of up to 280MB/s (at 2.1 compression, 140MB/s native)

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  7. IBM 46X1290 LTO Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge

    IBM 46X1290 LTO Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge

    SKU: 46X1290

    IBM LTO Ultrium Generation 5 media has been designed to deliver exceptional capacity and reliability at a lower cost per GB than other types of storage medium. Cartridge capacity of up to 3 TB (at 2:1 compression) helps reduce the number of cartridges and the amount of equipment, space and labor associated with tape-based storage. In addition, it helps reduce the time associated with backup and restore operations by reducing the amount of cartridge handling, further lowering operational costs.

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  8. Quantum MR-L5MQN-01 Data Cartridge

    Quantum MR-L5MQN-01 Data Cartridge

    SKU: MR-L5MQN-01

    Quantum’s LTO Ultrium media is manufactured to the highest industry standards for quality and reliability ensuring high performance and durability, whether utilized for primary backup or long-term archive. - A pioneer of the LTO Consortium, Quantum is committed to the continued development of the LTO platform. Quantum’s comprehensive media quality monitoring and extensive interoperability testing ensures cross- platform compatibility, optimal performance, and reliability whether you’re using a Quantum tape drive, library, or other LTO- compatible hardware.

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  9. Fuji Ultrium LTO 4 Data Tape

    Fuji Ultrium LTO 4 Data Tape

    SKU: P10DDLSA00A

    Fujifilms LTO Ultrium 4 media is the first midrange product to use Fujifilm nanocubic thin-film coating process to reach the higher capacity and quality levels currently only found in enterprise-class storage systems; offering capacities of up to 1.6Tb.

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  10. Sony LTX1500GN blank data tape LTO 1500 GB 1.27 cm

    Sony LTX1500GN blank data tape LTO 1500 GB 1.27 cm

    SKU: LTX1500GN

    With a compressed storage capacity of 3.0 TB, this new LTO Ultrium 5 cartridge delivers new functionality to support the ever-increasing requirements of today’s data-rich storage environments. Users can now create two partitions within the cartridge, addressing both file control and space management. This feature can help to increase access speed, which is important for storing rich fiiles. The LTO-5 cartridge adds this feature while still retaining the hardware-based encryption introduced with LTO-4 technology, which helps to protect the storage and transport of sensitive information.

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