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LTO 4 Tapes

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  1. Sony LTX800W-LTO Ultrium WORM 4 x 1-800 GB

    Sony LTX800W-LTO Ultrium WORM 4 x 1-800 GB

    SKU: LTX800W

    LTX800W LTO 4 apply latest, enhanced and ultra fine magnetic metal particles, and as well optimizing the disperse technology for LTO Ultrium tape format. Sonys coating and metal quality developed a perfect smoother top surface with increased data tracks 896 with long tape 820 M width 12.65mm. Sony improved the external tape quality as comprehends noise decrease and improving output in the high occurrence array. Sony improved data capacity 800GB native and 1600GB compressed with outstanding single cartridge. Massive storage capacity also enhanced with evenly good and dependable data transfer speed of 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec compressed for Sony LTX800W.

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  2. Sony LTX400GWW LTO3 Backup Tape Cartridge (400GB/800GB)

    Sony LTX400GWW LTO3 Backup Tape Cartridge (400GB/800GB)

    SKU: LTX400G

    Sony ltx400g is third version of LTO Ultrium magnetic tape technology and eventual for data challenging backup and archiving in important servers networks, Sony LTO3 tape enhanced with enormous data storage ability 400GB native, and 800GB of compressed with evenly better and sheltered data transfer speed with 80MB/Sec native and 160MB/Sec of compressed. Sony reliable LTO Ultrium media tape offers consistent performance with Sonys Armed A3MP coating technology that enhanced Tracking inflexibility, and concrete welded casing that helps in absolute data protection

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  3. Sony LTO Ultrium 4 Tape Cartridge

    Sony LTO Ultrium 4 Tape Cartridge

    SKU: LTX800G

    Impressive storage capacity of up to 1.6TB compressed data (800GB native). -Ultra fast data transfer rate of 120MB/s native and 240MB/s compressed. -Ideal to back up, restore and archive large applications. -High-speed access with 8KB LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) chip. -High reliability and durability. -Cleaning Tape: LTXCL.

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  4. HP C7974A LTO Ultrium 4 Tape Cartridge

    HP C7974A LTO Ultrium 4 Tape Cartridge

    SKU: C7974A

    Exhaustively tested, HP LTO Ultrium cartridges meet all your demands for maximum reliability when restoring data, offering high storage density, ease of management and scalable storage and backup performance. Covering five generations of capacity - LTO-1 (200 GB), LTO-2 (400 GB), LTO-3 (800 GB), LTO-4 (1.6 TB) and LTO-5 (3 TB) - and with transfer speeds of up to 1 TB/hr for LTO-5, there is a platform for every need and budget. From LTO-3 onwards, LTO Ultrium WORM cartridges enable the creation of compliant, permanent and tamperproof archives. From LTO-4 onwards, secure AES-256 encryption provides even higher levels of data security and compliance with the most stringent industry regulations to prevent unauthorized data access. From LTO-5 onwards, LTO Ultrium Linear Tape File System makes using tape as easy, flexible, portable and intuitive as using other removable and sharable media, such as a USB drive.

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  5. D2407-LTO4TDK LTO-4 Tape Cartridge

    D2407-LTO4TDK LTO-4 Tape Cartridge

    SKU: D2407-LTO4

    TDK D2407 is fourth generation of LTO technology with improved basic features and additional new technology. TDK D2407 LTO-4 improved with data storage and offers massive 800 GB native and 1600 GB compressed, TDK D2407 LTO4 improved with data transfer speed with 120 MB/Sec native and 240 MB/Sec with compressed formation. TDK D2407 LTO 4 offers WORM, Memory chip for more reliability and security. TDK LTO-4 added some new feature like Hardware based 256 Bit AES encryption which offers excellent, durable and trustfully services. TDK LTO4 Tape improved with base tape quality and improved data tracks 896 and length 820M. TDK LTO 4 offers more than 30 years preservation of archival data with more security and reliability of archival data. TDK LTO 4 tape offers excellent compatibility with all type of LTO Ultrium 4 tape drive with backward read and writes ability.

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  6. Maxell LTO-4 Tape Cartridge

    Maxell LTO-4 Tape Cartridge

    SKU: 183906

    Maxell 183906 is fourth version of LTO Ultrium technology extends native data storage capacity with 800 GB and compressed 1600 GB a 100% raise from last LTO3 version. Maxell 183906 LTO4 also improved with data transfer speed with 120 MB/Sec native and 240 MB/Sec compressed. Maxell 183906 LTO 4 makes certain its users for more than 20,000 Load/Unload process with full durability. Maxell LTO4 tape uses new hardware based 256bit data AES encryption which provides full helps to defend the storage and convey of most valuable information by Encrypting data to the LTO Ultrium tapes. Maxell 183906 LTO-4 tape included with WORM function which defend data from outside modification or access. Maxell LTO 4 tape compatible with LTO 4 Ultrium tape drive and also has backward read/write ability. Under all sorts of hard and harsh conditions Maxell 183906 offers an archival working life of 30 Years.

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  7. IBM 95P4450 LTO-4 800GB/1600GB WORM Backup Tape

    IBM 95P4450 LTO-4 800GB/1600GB WORM Backup Tape

    SKU: 95P4450

    IBM is delivering high-capacity LTO Generation 4 media that helps provide clients the ability to address the demanding growth in data storage. Increased cartridge capacity helps reduce the amount of equipment, space and human intervention required for daily tape operations. In addition, it helps reduce the number of cartridges and time associated with backup and restore operations, thus helping lower operational costs.

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  8. Fujifilm 26247007 LTO4 Tape

    Fujifilm 26247007 LTO4 Tape

    SKU: 26247007

    Fuji 26247007 is the 4th generation of LTO Ultrium tape format. Fuji 26247007 LTO4 improved with massive data storage capacity with 800 GB native and 1600 GB compressed. Fuji 26247007 tape offers fast data transfer rate with 120 MB/Sec native and 240 MB/Sec compressed. Fuji LTO-4 uses NANOCUBIC Technology for coating process which make tape film surface smoother and thinner. Fuji 26247007 LTO-4 included with WORM and Memory chip both Functions are so reliable and effective. WORM protects storage data from unauthorized modification. Fuji LTO4 tape added new Hardware based 256 bit AES Data encryption which able to provide full protection and high level of security to storage data. Fuji LTO 4 tape is compatible with LTO Ultrium 4 tape drive with backward read and writes compatibility. Fuji 26247007 LTO4 tape is fully dependable for 30 years working and archival life. Fuji LTO 4, output has been improved by the addition of servo power, twin servo tracks have been embedded which are establish on the complete tape span. The servo tracks are very practical as the make certain idleness and very well position if the LTO 4 tape is damaged. NANOCUBIC technology has additional reinforce the cartridge of Fuji LTO4, and leads to even more smooth surface of reel, which is very useful to make head life stronger and perform high sturdiness of output operations with LTO4 tape drive.

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  9. Sun LTO-4 Tape Cartridge

    Sun LTO-4 Tape Cartridge

    SKU: 003-4391-01

    The SUN 003-4391-01 is offering high capacity that assists provides customers the opportunity to meet with the demanding enlargement in digital and corporate data storage. The boost in storage capacity help out reduces the sum of equipments, space, and human involvement necessary each day storage and recovery processes with very low operational costs. The high quality coating, dispersion, and use of finest metal particles boost the Sun StorageTek media format SUN 003-4391-01 LTO-4 Tape with 800GB native and 1600GB compressed storage capacity through excellent double data transfer speed 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec compressed. The Sun is continuation to focusing on offering best quality, high-dependability media formation for customer’s data storage networks solutions. These cartridges are test extensively for use in Sun LTO Ultrium tape drives and automated libraries to assist best performance, decrease important data loss, and improve data stability. The Sun LTO 4 Tape is also available in WORM (Write Once Read Many) format that helps to prevent unauthorized access to the data, overwriting, removing, and altering. These WORM cartridges specially designed for compliance regulatory applications. A noncontact improved 8KB memory chip or LTO-CM built in the cartridge, and offering excellent communicating skills with Ultrium tape drive via RF (Radio Frequency) and helps drive to reach exact locations of archive files with high-speed approach. A new hardware based 256-bit data encryption technology is offering protection through high-speed transactions and prevents data loss.

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  10. Imation LTO-4 Tape Cartridge

    Imation LTO-4 Tape Cartridge

    SKU: 26592

    Imation LTO4 is one of the leading manufacturers of data storage devices; without any doubt Imation is a global scalable and data storage devices leader, and began its magnetic tape production half a century ago with developed the key planned to keep the data stored in the world's first institutional data centers. Imation is one of the pioneers in the expansion of the globe first reel to reel data storage device back in earlier 50.

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