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  1. Maxell 186990 DAT Cleaning Cartridge-Tape Width 4mm

    Maxell 186990 DAT Cleaning Cartridge-Tape Width 4mm

    SKU: 186990

    Maxell utilizes only the premium quality magnetic media to meet the strictest specifications for a minimal dropout rate. Maxell then extended this media in a Class 10 clean room where it is qualified for data recording purposes. Patented Ceramic Coated Metal Particle to shield the fine metal particles in the magnetic layer of the tape, Maxell invented the ceramic coating process. The Maxell ceramic coating acts as a defensive shell against heat, humidity and ultimate oxidation. The necessity of cleaning tapes such as the 186990 is justified because without such cleaning tapes your tape drives will eventually be covered by a coating of grime and dust which will prevent its triumphant functioning. This is because more often than not these auto-cleaning systems are fairly limited.

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  2. IBM 46X1290 LTO Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge

    IBM 46X1290 LTO Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge

    SKU: 46X1290

    IBM LTO Ultrium Generation 5 media has been designed to deliver exceptional capacity and reliability at a lower cost per GB than other types of storage medium. Cartridge capacity of up to 3 TB (at 2:1 compression) helps reduce the number of cartridges and the amount of equipment, space and labor associated with tape-based storage. In addition, it helps reduce the time associated with backup and restore operations by reducing the amount of cartridge handling, further lowering operational costs.

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  3. HP C5718A 4mm DDS-4 Backup Tape Cartridge (20GB/40GB)

    HP C5718A 4mm DDS-4 Backup Tape Cartridge (20GB/40GB)

    SKU: C5718A

    With an installed base of more than 19 million drives and 6 million users, DDS/DAT is easily the world’s most popular tape storage format. The latest generation of this simple and successful format is delivered by the HP DAT 320 tape storage solution, providing a 12 MB/sec transfer rate and up to 320 GB capacity on a single cartridge. New manufacturing and recording technologies have created a tough, lightweight, high capacity, high performance media that more than measures up to the uncompromising storage demands of today’s dynamic, risk-aware businesses. DDS/DAT provides a reliable, low-cost, easy-to-use backup solution for small to medium-sized businesses to meet increasing storage demands and compliance criteria. A Storage Media Kit is also available, providing a complete tape media solution in one easy to buy product.

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3 Item(s)

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